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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lazy Sunday is Sunday, and of course the lazy day of the weekend. Tbh, its been a pretty lazy weekend, but hey ho, I'm off work! 

I thought my first blog post would be a little nail tutorial...

Today's nails are rainbows! Some colourful nails to cheer me up on a blue Monday morning :(...

Start with getting all your sh*t together so you don't have to go looking in the middle! Prepare your nails as normal...file, fix your cuticles etc...and make sure no bumpy bits!

Next...I put some grow potion, and some cuticle gel on my nails. I've always had problems with my nails taking forever to grow so I find this helps (probably talking crap but). I just use Avon products (see below), but you can use anything you like.

Next, use a base coat. Again, use anything you like, as long as it does the job. When fully dry, paint your nails using a clear polish...

Once dry you can then get to the good part! Paint your nails in a curved diagonal line, individually using blue, yellow and red polish using some nail art brushes. I use two different types, a short thin and short thick one...use the short thin one for your lines. You are best using a good polish such as OPI for the lines, as I used some No.7 and Barry M but found I had to go over the lines as they weren't thick enough.

Next take your cotton bud and dip it in some nail polish remover. Use this to wipe off the polish from the tips of your nails.

Using your short thick brush, take some white polish and paint this onto the tips of your fingernails to create little clouds :)

Once dry, paint your nails with a top coat and clean up your nails with a cotton bud to remove any over painted areas.
For some added shine and sparkle, use some glitter polish...I'm using some thick sequenced polish.

And et voila! Some nice cheery rainbow nails :)

 Hope you liked the post and have a fab weekend

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