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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Thrifty Crafts

So recently I called into my local Poundland (as I do most days) and discovered that they have a whole new range of crafty wonders!

There was loads of different stuff and for £1 each, it's hard to pass up!

I picked myself up a few wee bits and bobs and can't wait to get making something awesome :) so get yourself down to Poundland and pick yourself up some craft bargains.

From left to right:-

Fabric Strips / Ribbon Pack / Craft Paper Pack / Decorative Border Tape / Gems / Felt Numbers and Letters / Jute Shapes / Colourful Buttons

Friday, 11 July 2014

Interior Obsessions

So the husband and I (husband finally, yay!) are currently looking for a new home. We live in the tiniest one bedroom flat and while it's slightly suitable for us and the kitties, we appear to have more guests than usual so feel we need some extra room. We are looking for maybe 1 or 2 more bedrooms and a garden...must have a garden!

I've always thought that the more you grow up, your house should look...well, more grown up. Despite actually hating the bland cream walls and matching EVERYTHING I just thought this is how it goes. The husband convinced me the last time we decorated that the house should reflect what we like and this has resulted in a colourful mismatched wonderland (I have moustaches painted on my bathroom wall and everything!)

So...this has got me looking up some ideas for the new place (when we finally find it). My goal is colours, mismatches, fairy lights and a hint of vintage thrown in.


Monday, 7 July 2014

Currently Loving: Zooey Dechanel

So, I recently started watching New Girl (behind the times, I know) and I must say I LOVE it. I actually can't wait to get home from work, relax and get my fix. It's one of those shows which is just silly and fun.
Its made me begin to love Zooey Deschannel (or maybe more Jess? I'm one of those people who falls in love with a character...she's my new Ghost Whisper's Melinda Gordon :-/). Anyway...I just love her little quirky style and think it's something to aspire to (I honestly dress like I got ready in a hurry)'s also making me like my glecks a wee bit more and feel I should embrace them rather than hide behind contact lenses all the time...


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Heat Is On!

So...come Saturday it is 12 WEEKS until the wedding and the panic has set in!

We still don't have a photographer, a DJ, completed decorations, the other halfs suit, bridesmaids accessories, wedding rings, transport...a list of what we do have would be shorter!

I just realised today that the invitations need to be sent out in a matter of weeks (luckily they are done and just need printed!).

My advice to anyone planning to do this on a budget and DIY would

be plan ahead...plan, plan, PLAN! 

I'm sure it'll be alright on the night...right? 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Thrifty Doesn't Mean Cheap

Since I started planning my wedding my first thought was I can't justify spending £20k on one day. Sure, like any girl I want to look like a princess for the day but I don't need a castle and a £2000 dress for it. It's all about me and the other half.

I've been to many a wedding or party where the hosts have wanted it to look spectacular so chose a fancy venue where it costs £3 for a can of Irn Bru. Obviously this is their choice and I don't judge them, but personally, I wouldn't expect my guests to do that, so this has influenced our choice of venues.

Since meeting my other half he's taught me that you shouldn't always buy things brand new or pay full price, not because he's cheap but because he's thrifty. Things are just as good at £5 off or 2nd hand...'vintage' items anyone?

We've applied his thrifty skills to our wedding, using charity shops and boot sales for loads of stuff like decorations, crockery etc...and I know fine well it's going to look amazing and very much 'us'.

It's also turned me into a little crafter. I went from wanting a pair of gorgeous Vivienne Westwood shoes, at £130 to DIY'ing a pair I already had with inspiration from them that have cost a grand total of £3 and as they are homemade, it adds that little extra touch.

I decided to do most things homemade, not just because it's more budget friendly but because it adds a personal touch rather than someone doing it all for you. With around 6 1/2 months to go, I'm starting to realise that I've given myself a huge task but I'm happy to (it probably doesn't help that I've changed my mind 100 more button bouquets!).

Time to start making final decisions before I have all my Pinterest boards crammed into one room!




Monday, 5 August 2013

Pretty Things Peepshow

Last-night I went to Stereo on Renfield Lane in Glasgow to watch the Pretty Things Peepshow on the last leg of their UK tour.

I picked up the tickets from a deal on ITISON for a mere £7 each, not because I'm a cheapskate, but because I hasn't actually heard they were coming until I got an email, plus I'm hardly going to turn down a bargain!

Pretty Things Peepshow is an American sideshow act made up from 4 performers (sometimes 5) who have performed a Coney Island and who are now performing all over the world. I had head about then from watching a show that myself and the other half enjoy called Oddities. A show about weird and wonderful items and weird and wonderful people. 

The show began a bit late (told should be there from 7.30pm and show would start at 8pm...didn't start till around 8.40pm which was a bit of a pain). Introduction to the show was by the wonderfully moustached (we all know how much I love a good moustache) Donny Vomit. Donny is known as 'the Human Blockhead'. Throughout the show he performed magic, laughs and hammered a nail into his nose! revoltingly amazing! He also juggled using knives and swallowed a sword, which he allowed an innocent audience member to pull from his throat! I don't think I could have done it.

The next act in the show was the gorgeous Go Go Amy. Amy performed a number of wonderful burlesque acts and made me kind of want to get up there and do it myself (if only I didn't have two left feet and the body of a hippo)...a lady can dream. She is also a skilled fire eater which she performed flawlessly. 

Another act was Rachel Renegade, also known as Pain proof Princess. Rachel is a performer who, as stated is pain proof  Her acts included walking on a staircase of machetes (these were also used to chop up fruit from her bottom by their 'resident strongman known as Charlie Atlas'. Other acts were laying on a bed of nails and swallowing razorblades and regurgitating them back up attached to a piece of floss. 

The next act was the special guest La Loco or 'The Freak Exotique'. La Loco was met by the Pretty Things at last years Edinburgh Fringe and invited to join them on some of their shows. La Loco is a male burlesque and variety act whom performed with the best women burlesque acts I have seen...a bit of a shock to my dad when he realised it was a man, but enjoyable all round.

The last and final performer was the 27" tall 'Midget of Mischief' knows a Little Miss Firefly.Little Miss performed burlesque while dancing on broken glass and escaping from a straight jacket, while also 'burlesquing'.

The last and final performance involved Go Go Amy climbing into a box and Donny Vomit shoving in blades which he explained Amy would bend around as she is also a skilled contortionist, but what the audience could not see. The audience was then invited up to have a look in the box, for the fee of no less that £1. This part of the show felt (as described by the other half) as a little bit of a scam, but as rightly described by Donny, and the fact that they are 'Carnies' this is how they make their money. Unfortunately, none of us went to have a look and I'm slightly kicking myself now as I now want to know what was going on!

My only other disappointment was that Heather Holliday wasn't there, but a little Google showed she's busy doing other things at the moment.

All in all a wonderfully amazing show, one of which I have never seen before. Highly recommended and completely worth the money.

I have put some photos below, apologises for the poor quality, I was a little bit away and my camera on my phone decided it didn't want to focus when I was zooming in!

Pretty Things Peepshow (with Heather Holliday).

Donny Vomit

Go Go Amy

Rachel Renegade

La Loco

Little Miss Mischief

Monday, 29 July 2013

Time Spent With Cats Is Never Wasted

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love cats. I have two 6 year old toms and as much as they drive me mad, I love them to pieces...

Say hello to Jangles and Marcucio.

As much as I love the pets...I also love cat inspired fashion. It's a growing trend just now and I love the quirky different styles that people are coming up with. Below are some kitty inspired finds which I am loving just now.

Collar tips and necklace from the Feline Fatale collection at I Love Crafty

Gorgeous Cat Ears Ring from Bobby Glam

Cat ripped tights! from Sparkipuss

Who doesn't love Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats?

Markus Lupfer Cartoon Kitty Intarsia Jumper at Asos

And some more kitty's that I just love....

Cheshire Cat make up!

What inspired fashion do you love?