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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Buttons! Wonderful buttons!

So, when I lost the plot and decided that making button bouquets for my upcoming nuptials was a good idea (did I mention I need to make 6?!) I thought I better start looking for buttons.

On the assumption that finding buttons was relatively easy, I just started wrong was I?! There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of different sizes, shapes, colours, everything...trying to decide is proving difficult...this is where I need someone to help my non decision making head out.

While all the scrolling for buttons, I discovered the numerous amounts of things people do with them...who knew buttons could be so versatile? I've put together some little lovelies I found that I plan on DIY'ing when the Wedding projects are done with.

Not sure if I would wear these, but pretty cute...would maybe add some to a plain little t-shirt to brighten it up!

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