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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Thrifty Doesn't Mean Cheap

Since I started planning my wedding my first thought was I can't justify spending £20k on one day. Sure, like any girl I want to look like a princess for the day but I don't need a castle and a £2000 dress for it. It's all about me and the other half.

I've been to many a wedding or party where the hosts have wanted it to look spectacular so chose a fancy venue where it costs £3 for a can of Irn Bru. Obviously this is their choice and I don't judge them, but personally, I wouldn't expect my guests to do that, so this has influenced our choice of venues.

Since meeting my other half he's taught me that you shouldn't always buy things brand new or pay full price, not because he's cheap but because he's thrifty. Things are just as good at £5 off or 2nd hand...'vintage' items anyone?

We've applied his thrifty skills to our wedding, using charity shops and boot sales for loads of stuff like decorations, crockery etc...and I know fine well it's going to look amazing and very much 'us'.

It's also turned me into a little crafter. I went from wanting a pair of gorgeous Vivienne Westwood shoes, at £130 to DIY'ing a pair I already had with inspiration from them that have cost a grand total of £3 and as they are homemade, it adds that little extra touch.

I decided to do most things homemade, not just because it's more budget friendly but because it adds a personal touch rather than someone doing it all for you. With around 6 1/2 months to go, I'm starting to realise that I've given myself a huge task but I'm happy to (it probably doesn't help that I've changed my mind 100 more button bouquets!).

Time to start making final decisions before I have all my Pinterest boards crammed into one room!




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