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Monday, 7 July 2014

Currently Loving: Zooey Dechanel

So, I recently started watching New Girl (behind the times, I know) and I must say I LOVE it. I actually can't wait to get home from work, relax and get my fix. It's one of those shows which is just silly and fun.
Its made me begin to love Zooey Deschannel (or maybe more Jess? I'm one of those people who falls in love with a character...she's my new Ghost Whisper's Melinda Gordon :-/). Anyway...I just love her little quirky style and think it's something to aspire to (I honestly dress like I got ready in a hurry)'s also making me like my glecks a wee bit more and feel I should embrace them rather than hide behind contact lenses all the time...


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