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Sunday, 14 July 2013

DIY Gift Tag

As it is my wonderful dad's 50th birthday tomorrow I was spending today gift wrapping his presents when I realised I didn't have any gift tags! So my obvious thought was a little DIY!

Firsty, choose your weapons...

Glue Stick
White Paper
Coloured Paper/Wrapping Paper

Start off by cutting your piece of card into the desired size for your gift tag...snip snip...

Next, put your glue stick all over one side of your card as so...

Once you have done this, take your coloured paper (I chose the same wrapping paper which I wrapped gift with to match :)) and stick this onto you cardboard. Next, cut off your excess paper...

Repeat same process as above with your white paper... 

Your next step is to draw two diagonal lines on your white side at the top to create the 'gift tag' shape and cut off these pieces.

Take your pen, and piece a hole in the top of the tag to allow for the string to go through for attaching tag to your gift. You can also use a hole punch which would be easier but I didn't have on handy.

And there you have it, a little DIY gift tag!

P.S Sorry for the dodgy photos, I could't figure out how to flip them round!

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