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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Shoe Lust

I like shoes as much as the next girl, but my biggest downfall is...I cannot walk in heels!

I try, believe me I try, but it just doesn't happen and I'd rather give up on pretty shoes than have a broken neck...

This doesn't however, stop me from lusting over some pretty numbers. My usual shoe lust is Irregular Choice and I am lucky enough to own these bad boys...

Unfortunately, I have to admit, they've been worn twice :(. 

Anyone who knows me, know that I am not a fashion follower, I wouldn't know fashion if it bit me in the ass. I've always worn what I like, a bit of eccentric mixed with old lady...which is why I fail to understand why I've never noticed Vivienne Westwood before! Just look at these wonderful creations!


When looking for the perfect wedding shoes, I came across the Lady Dragon Heart shoe'll have noticed these shoes popping up in my Planning a DIY Wedding post and my plan was to, of course, attempt to DIY them. As much as I found them gorgeous, I just wasn't in 'love' with them...until I discovered these...

They are just perfect! These would go with my wedding dress perfectly...but with a £130 price tag, I just can't justify purchasing them when I know fine well there is no chance I would wear them again...a girl can dream though eh?

Here's some more from the collection...if I was rich, I would definitely own them all!

What's your shoe lust?

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